True Leaf Farms | San Juan Bautista, CA

About Project

True Leaf Farms is the grower owned processing facility and brand of our value add product line. The combined farming programs of the Gill and Church families create a strong, year-round source of raw product for our True Leaf Farms processing plant.

True Leaf Farms believes in continuous innovation and improvement in equipment and processes to increase productivity using less fuel per unit of product. They document and monitor fuel and electricity use to help identify and implement practices and processes that improve efficiency and reduce energy use.

Project Info

  • Site Host: True Leaf Farms
  • Location : San Juan Bautista, CA
  • Installation Date: January 2017
  • Prime Mover: 2.0 MW internal combustion engine
  • Secondary Energy: Aqueous Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration at 18degF
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To secure financing and to install a modular natural gas cogeneration plant that would integrate into the customer’s facility, providing electric power and refrigeration via simple piping and electrical tie-ins.

Our Solution

Concentric Power provided project finance support and designed and installed a prefabricated modular 2.0 MW Cogen unit in True Leaf Farm’s, San Juan Bautista, California plant. The installation of the Cogen plant. The network control system will allow True Leaf to monitor improved fuel and electricity use.