° Concentric Power is a vertically integrated intelligent microgrid developer with a proven track record in agricultural, industrial, and community applications. We are a licensed Class A General Engineering Contractor focused on solving modern grid problems through our engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance services.


° To build clean power infrastructure that supports sustainable industry throughout North America.

Concentric- team photo
Concentric- team photo


° We are creating a pathway to zero carbon power by developing and aggregating the continent’s largest network of intelligent microgrids. We will do this by combining patented advanced technologies with practical, reliable firm power. 

° For our ag/industrial customers, we provide energy independence and low-cost, reliable power by striking the right balance between cutting edge and proven technologies.

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° For our community customers, we help to unlock economic development by providing faster, easier access to clean power.

° For all of our customers, we balance generation, storage, and usage to supply clean, reliable power where and when they need it, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best.

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° Concentric Power’s philosophy is to work in close partnership with our customers over the life of the energy assets, and we work hard to provide engineering, finance and project execution in a transparent way. We are proud to be building the next generation of clean power infrastructure supporting sustainable industry throughout North America.

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° Customer Alignment.
It’s not just a project, it’s a relationship. And we’re in it for the long haul.

° Community.
Pride in our team and giving back to the places where we live and work.

° Innovation.
We never give up seeking creative ways to solve tough problems.

° Impact.
We’re not afraid to punch above our weight, especially if it means we can affect change on a global scale.

° Integrity.
Doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.