Our mission is to enable the highest level of renewable
energy possible at scale.

Modular Cogeneration

A product line designed for low cost, rapid project development and execution. Pre-engineered and pre-assembled with standardized contracts to significantly reduce cost.

Simple Installation

Concentric Power products seamlessly integrate into the customer facility, providing electric power and refrigeration via simple piping and electrical tie-ins within a week.

Integrated Refrigeration

Specializing in low temperature refrigeration from +40F down to -60F utilizing waste heat from electric power generation and direct refrigeration tie-ins.

Project Development

Mix and match pre-engineered and pre-assembled building blocks to get 1.5 to 10 mw of firm electric power. other sizes available.

Mix and Match

We’ll take care of everything from site specific engineering, to air and building permits, to utility interconnection. Projects require little overhead from site host.

Long Term Service

Dedicated to providing full service before, during and after installation to ensure long term no-hassle access to clean, low cost energy.

Clean Power Plant

Frequently Asked Questions

By taking a “power plant as a product” approach, Concentric can turn around an investment grade proposal in less than 2 weeks. Our modular, pre-engineered product system allows you to focus on operating challenges at your specific site without getting bogged down in lengthy feasibility studies.

A typical project implementation takes 9-12 months. Critical path usually comes down to permits, utility interconnection and site-specific preparation. The equipment itself can be ready to go more quickly.

We integrate directly with existing refrigeration systems by taking your ammonia vapor, condensing it and returning pumped liquid ammonia. By doing this, we take advantage of a base thermal energy load which translates to a high net efficiency system.

As much as 50% compared to ag rate on the grid, especially in California where rates are higher than other parts of the country.

The cost depends on some site specifics, but generally speaking, the simple payback on a Concentric cogen project can range from 2-5 years. These systems qualify for 50% bonus depreciation and 5-yr MACRS accelerated depreciation. So, depending on your tax situation and how we structure the contracts, you can have a payback in less than a year.

Yes, Concentric can —and would be happy to— own and operate the equipment for you and/or arrange for direct financing.

Concentric cogen plants will fundamentally beat grid pricing due to our consistent net system efficiency. We are always going to be more efficient than electric power on the grid. Natural gas and electric power have a correlation of about 97%. In the case of CA (and most of the country), electric prices are essentially set by natural gas prices. So, it’s the spread between commodities that matters (it’s referred to as the “spark spread”), not whether one or the other is spiking.

Looking for higher energy efficiency?

Control your energy purchasing and cut costs by as much as 50%

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