° Concentric Power is an intelligent microgrid developer with a proven track record in agricultural, industrial, and community applications. Our patented Microgrid Controller technology manages the complete energy mix including supply, load and cost management.


With complete design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, finance and maintenance services, we offer a scalable solution to 21st century grid problems.

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Intelligent Microgrids

Depending on the needs of your site, we pull together the best mix of renewables, firm power and storage to give you stable, resilient, local energy. Our intelligent controls are at the center of it all, making sure the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Asset Management

Using in-house facility monitoring and ongoing data analysis we quickly and effectively troubleshoot any issue, from minor problems to major repairs. We also manage all administrative aspects of your site, including management, accounting, and audits.

Grid Services

Voltage fluctuations are a fact of life. They’re costly, inconvenient and ultimately affect a site’s power quality and safety. To combat them, we use a combination of hardware and software to seamlessly integrate low voltage and medium voltage, making irritating fluctuations a thing of the past.

Long Term Service

We’re on board before, during and after installation to make sure you always have no-hassle access to clean, low-cost energy.

Project Development

We take care of everything from site-specific engineering, to air and building permits and utility interconnection. Projects require little overhead from you.


Power that is resilient, reliable, cost effective, sustainable, and local. You win. The planet wins. We get a little bit of glory.

A microgrid is a smart, small-scale version of the centralized electricity system which can generate, distribute, and regulate the flow of electricity at a local level. In addition to keeping the lights on when the central grid fails, microgrids are less polluting and more efficient than grid power because their energy is created close to where it is used. Delivering power from afar is inefficient: eight to fifteen percent of it dissipates in transit.

Microgrids employ a wide range of green power technologies including solar, wind, fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, and energy storage. Intelligent microgrids integrate renewables to seamlessly balance the variable output of green power with traditional generation. In doing so, the microgrid overcomes the inconsistencies of solar and wind by automatically tapping into other resources when renewable energy isn’t available.

The microgrid controller, or center point, of the entire system. It manages the generators, batteries and nearby building energy systems, orchestrating multiple resources to meet the energy goals of the customer.

At the plant level, intelligent microgrids use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to find opportunities to achieve better results and manage assets in real time. At the grid level, intelligent systems can be networked together to quickly dispatch stored or generated power. The result: a group of highly intelligent, disparate systems communicating to optimize their network.

A software-based system, the controller can manage energy supply in different ways. As electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day, the controller orchestrates the play of its assets. When demand for grid energy is high and prices go up, the controller signals the microgrid to use more of its own resources. If the microgrid has excess capacity, it may sell it to the grid. Working together, the microgrid’s resources are greater than the sum of its parts, driving system performance to a level of efficiency none could do alone.

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