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Taylor Farms is the largest fresh vegetable processor and marketer in North America with 26 regional low-temperature processing facilities across the United States and Mexico. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint through renewable and alternative energy and resource conservation.

Taylor Farms’ Gonzales processing facility had existing wind and solar components, but they functioned independently of each other. The goal of the microgrid and cogen project was to integrate these existing distributed energy resources (DERs) and add firm power to form a microgrid system that could effectively take the facility off grid.

Concentric Power’s Intelligent Microgrid Controller was installed to integrate and optimize all DERs, including the addition of a 2.0 MW cogen unit that the company developed specifically for the site.

As part of its Long-Term Service Agreement, Concentric Power’s Operations and Maintenance technicians and engineers manage and optimize the equipment and provide technical services and ongoing reporting to the customer.

By integrating solar, wind and cogeneration, Taylor Farms saw a reduction of 12,190 metric tons of CO2 emissions in one year, a 94 percent decrease from before the microgrid was completed. This is equivalent to the GHG emissions from 2,588 vehicles driven for one year.

taylor farms cogen plant


Site Host: Taylor Farms
Location: Gonzales, CA
Installation Date: 2016
Prime Mover: 2.0 MW natural gas genset
Secondary Energy: Aqueous ammonia absorption refrigeration at 9degF

Taylor Farms Cogen

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