Taylor Farms | Gonzales, CA

About Project

Taylor Farms is the largest vegetable processor and marketer in North America with 12 processing plants coast-to-coast. They are committed to using sustainable farming practices to grow the finest quality vegetables and preserve the land to pass it onto the next generation of farmers.Taylor Farms desires clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Taylor Farms Retail currently generates power at their sites using solar panels, a wind turbine and cogeneration. Their goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve certainty about their energy costs.

Project Info

  • Site Host: Taylor Farms
  • Location : Gonzales, CA
  • Installation Date: December 2016
  • Prime Mover: 2.0 MW internal combustion engine
  • Secondary Energy: Aqueous Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration at 18degF


To install a modular natural gas cogeneration plant that would integrate into the customer’s facility, providing electric power and refrigeration via simple piping and electrical tie-ins.

Our Solution

Concentric Power designed and installed a 2.0 MW Cogen unit in Taylor Farm’s Gonzales, California plant, including a 20-year service contract.


Taylor Farms Cogen

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