Andrew Bogan

° Director

Andrew Bogan is a Founder and Managing Member of Bogan Associates, LLC. Prior to managing global equity funds, his background was in scientific research and early-stage venture capital investing.  Bogan has managed investments in a variety of science, technology, and infrastructure industries in more than 20 countries for over 20 years.

Previously, Bogan was a Venture Partner at Tallwood Venture Capital where he developed and implemented their bioscience investment strategy from late 2000 to 2003. While there, he sourced investment opportunities, led bioscience due diligence, and made investment recommendations to the partnership.

Bogan spent over 6 years doing scientific research at Princeton University, Genentech, UCSF, and Sankyo which led to the publication of half a dozen papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has given scientific research seminars at Affymax, Tularik (now Amgen), Sankyo, UCSF, and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

Bogan holds an A.B. in Molecular Biology, a Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering, and a Certificate in Engineering Biology from Princeton University. He earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of California, San Francisco, where he was a United States Department of Defense Graduate Fellow and recipient of UCSF’s Kozloff Fellowship, awarded for excellence in graduate research. He has passed the Series 65 Exam.